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A press release issued by the Association of the right to live

On March 21 of each year events around the world take place on the occasion of the International Day of Down Syndrome, and workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences are held at different levels starting with the United Nations.

Since its founding in 1992, the Right to Live Society has been carrying out various activities and activities to raise awareness of the rights of children with Dan syndrome in health, education and community integration. To mobilize the moral and material support necessary to provide specialized services to more than 1,200 children with Down syndrome and autism through its headquarters at the headquarters and branch in the southern region of the Gaza Strip.

Over the past years, the Association of the right to live has been associated with Down Syndrome to become a local, Arab and international icon. We have established strong and distinguished relationships with donor institutions and corporate figures on a wide scale. It has been able to improve the quality of its services and achieve tangible achievements in the health and education of these children. Social for them.

This humanitarian achievement threatens today the situation in the Gaza Strip, after years of blockade, and regional events that have changed donor priorities and the international funding plan. This has drained the resources of the right to live and affected its operational capabilities. And the relief of this catastrophic situation, and at this moment in the history of the Association of the right to live, we:

First: we always thank all institutions and individuals that have worked, worked and will support the Right to Live Association to defend the rights of children with Down syndrome.


Second: We call on all parties and governmental and non-governmental institutions to neutralize the interests of children with Down syndrome and to deal with their issues in a purely humanitarian manner, based on relevant international and local laws.


Third: we emphasize the continuation of the right to live in the fulfillment of its mission and defend the rights of individuals with disabilities in general and people with Down syndrome in particular, and the continuous quest to ensure a decent life for them.


Fourth: The Right to Live Association calls for concerted efforts by people who believe in humanitarian issues, friends who advocate the rights of individuals with disabilities, and related institutions to provide the necessary financial resources to ensure the operation and continuation of the Right to Live Society and to overcome this crisis that directly threatens children People with Down syndrome.