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Right To Live Society Celebrates The Academic Year of 2010-2011

Right to Live Society has celebrated the end of the academic year of 2010-2011 on Monday and Tuesday, the ceremony was attended by many of the charity organizations, TV channels, the children of Society and the collection of parents. During the ceremony which was held at the headquarters of Right to Live Society in Gaza, many of the artistry paragraphs and theatrical performances that were held by the teachers and children with Down syndrome, the ceremony included some entertainment shows provided by the Assembly of the prospects for charity in collaboration with Right to Live Society , mostly inspiring to the children were paragraphs of Clown and dabka. The children of Right to Live Society expressed their interaction with the celebration of the various paragraphs in their own language asserting that Right to Live Society has the great merit of their inclusion and prosperity to them and wish to be next year is a year of goodness and blessing be upon them all. At the end of ceremony the teachers expressed how much are happy they are and love to work with these children in Right to Live Society, wishing all of the progress and success to the children, so this school year end with full of excellence and creativity, and pending new academic year.