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Supported by Nuqul group Right To Live Society Distributed diapers for the children of early intervention

  1. Right To Live Society completed the project of distributing diapers for the children of early intervention department at Right To Live Society, which was supported Nuqul group, the number of the beneficent's integrated in this program is 200 children. The parents of these children expressed their happiness with the project emphasizing on keenness of Right to Live Society to draw happiness on the faces of children with Down syndrome, and to mention the importance of this support for needy families. On the other side, Mrs. Adala Abu Middain the chairperson of Right To Live Society thanked the Nuqul group represented by its Chairman Mr. Elijah Nakel, , for the support offered to children of Right to Live Society on a regular basis, and hoped that cooperation would continue to support this category, especially in difficult economic circumstances experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip. Eng Ahmed Al-Helou the Executive Director of Right To Live Society described the positive dimensions of this support and encouraging parents to integrate their children with Down's Syndrome in the early intervention program to receive rehabilitation services and health to improve their health