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2- Vocational Rehabilitation Program

This program represents the practical step regarding developing of vocational skills of Down's syndrome. It aims at integrating this young people in the local society to be able to gain their living bread.



  1. Identifying fields of interest of Down's syndrome according to vocational trends, ages and degrees of disability.
  2. Concentrating on promotion of vocational skills.
  3. Introducing talents and productive abilities of Down's syndrome to the local community.
  4. Creating interactive atmosphere between Down's syndrome and local society as a preparatory step for external employment and community integration.


Services and Activities: 


Down's syndrome patients are vocationally rehabilitated in the following workshops at the Spanish Center for Vocational Rehabilitation:


Carpentry: this workshop produces wooden pieces to be used for house and office furniture, in addition to decoration and wooden toys. This carpentry implements many products for local associations.


Bamboo workshop: it makes bamboo furniture for local community.

Carpet Workshop: it works on manufacturing several shape and sizes of hand-made rugs and carpets on demand.


Sewing and Embroidery: this workshop aims at rehabilitating young girls with Down syndrome to produce embroider that reflect the Palestinian heritage and at the same time reflect creativity of these girls.  


Agricultural Nursery (Garden): patients with Down syndrome are rehabilitated in agricultural field through participation in working at Spanish center's agricultural nursery.


Kitchen: a number of girls participate in working at Spanish center's kitchen to learn cooking and principles of hospitality.


In addition to training other girls to work as assistant teachers in the RLS.


Moreover, this program offers care services related to health, speech disorders, audio disorders and social aspects for Down's Syndrome whom reached to 60 students.