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1. Prevocational rehabilitation Program

After graduation from Special Education School at HRH Prince Walid ben Talal Center, patient with Down Syndrome is moved to Spanish center for Vocational Rehabilitation to complete his/her process of rehabilitation.




Observing development of cognitive skills by using methods appropriate with age.

Discovering vocational trends of Down's syndrome and preparing for Vocational Rehabilitation.


Services and Activities:


Prevocational Rehabilitation Program is considered a supplementary factor of Special Education School, where students are provided with many services divided into two sections:


  • Educational section concerns with cognitive goals and skills as (Mathematics – Language – Self care – Community Rehabilitation). 


  • Rehabilitative section depends on preparing students to join the next stage which is Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation relate to workshops. Therefore, the Prevocational program represents two sides, academic and training on existed crafts.


Over and above, this program offers care services related to health, speech disorders, audio disorders and social aspects for Down's Syndrome whom reached to 82 students.