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Due to its significant role in field of sustainable development in the Palestinian community and the importance of working hard in that sphere, Right to Live Society built Training and Community Development Center over a total area of 1000 m². The center consists of 2 floors and a basement.


Furthermore, RLS was keen to offer spaces to hold workshops and courses, beside other spaces for clinics. The center provides services in training and rehabilitation for poor and marginalized people in the local society. It also works on improving living standard of those categories, since the center is located in an area suffers from low levels of education and health. Training and Community Development Center works on holding specialized courses and developmental projects in association with local, regional and international donating foundations. 


The center aspires to occupy an outstanding position in fields of training and community development


The center aims at training and rehabilitating of marginalized people and graduates in the Palestinian society. In addition to that, it seeks to provide them with vocational and practical skills help to improve their standards of living. 


  1. Training and rehabilitating members of the local community to improve their social level.
  2. Reducing economic load on poor and marginalized families.
  3. Enhancing the social condition of families that include members with special needs. 
  4. Taking part in creating community development might improve the economic situation in Palestine.
  5. Creating job opportunities for members of the local society.