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Since its establishment in 1992, Right to Live Society (RLS) was keen to work with several regional and international donating organizations in field of sustainable development projects for disabled people. In fact, the society, in association with some Spanish donating centers, succeeded in establishing the Spanish Center for Vocational Rehabilitation over a total area of 720 m². This center includes many workshops for carpentry, bamboo, sewing embroidery, carpets and computer lab. The center offers rehabilitative services for nearly 179 disabled persons, especially Down's syndrome where they are rehabilitated in practical fields according to type of disability and vocational tendencies.


The Spanish center yearns to be an internationally leading center in field of vocational rehabilitation. 


The center seeks to vocationally rehabilitate Down's syndrome through identifying and addressing their trends in crafts they prefer.



  1. To rehabilitate patients with Down syndrome to work at Nongovernmental organizations.
  2. To improve living standard of Down's syndrome.
  3. To increase social awareness concerning Down syndrome.
  4. To create job opportunities suit mental and physiological conditions of Down's syndrome.