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Right to Live Society established Welfare Association for Community Integration and Inclusion to fulfill its main aim, which represents in integrating person with Down syndrome with society as an active member through joining local or vocational schools. This association contains several programs and activities ensure applying the aforementioned concept, besides taking care of other marginalized categories in the community.


Welfare Association for Community Integration and Inclusion was built over a total area of 700 m². It includes four units divided on 20 rooms. The association serves more than 200 beneficiaries of children with Down syndrome and children with Autism.




The association aspires to be an international pioneering center in fields of Down syndrome and Autism.


The association seeks to inculcate the notion of community integration of people with Down syndrome in all stages of life. This will be achieved by securing facilities and necessary programs, in addition to working with decision makers in the local society to actualize the concept of community integration for disabled.



  1. To decrease social and mental differences between normal and children with Down syndrome.   
  2. To alleviate any stigma might be boosted for children with Down syndrome.
  3. To maintain natural social and mental growth of children with Down syndrome.
  4. To strengthen self-esteem of disabled children and to promote his/her eagerness to learn and to establish social relationships.   
  5. To change normal children's negative point of view concerning disability and to encourage them to help others.
  6. To administrate educational school for Autistic children.
  7. To increase society awareness regarding the needs of autistic children.  
  8. To encourage meaningful searchers and studies about Autism in Palestine.
  9. To raise the awareness of casts work with autistic children.
  10. To offer diagnostic services for children with Autism.
  11. To offer educational, rehabilitative and mental services to children with Autism and their families.
  12. To provide therapeutic services to reduce problem and to help autistic children to integrate in the society.